BMW Service Information Bulletins

BMW has released collections of Service Information Bulletins for motorcycles built in the 80’s (plus or minus a few years) on two CD products.

I was able to purchase the fist CD (version 1.0) about a year ago.  It was obvious incomplete, but had quite a bit of useful information – particularly for my ’87 K100RS. As the CD includes Service Information Bulletins from the 80’s, it also covers R series motorcycles.  I recently discovered a second CD was produced, version 1.1.  I ordered it from MaxBMW, but the order was cancelled and refunded – I’m not sure of the status of this product.

I’ve come across various BMW Service Information Bulletins posted here an there on the Internet – but haven’t found anything comprehensive.  There may be copyright issues in sharing these – but I’m suspicious of BMW really wanting to restrict the access to this information.  After all – it’s a gold mine for owners of old bikes wanting to maintain and restore them – and buy new parts.  That – and all the bikes covered are clearly well off warranty – and unlikely to produce new warranty service claims.

This screen image below shows the two CD’s on the MaxBMW fiche for ’84-’89 K100RS motorcycles in the “01-Literature” section titled:


The part number for CD version 1.0 is 01-99-0-022-037.  CD version 1.1 is part number 01-99-0-022-038.


Here’s the version 1.0 CD:


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